The Vines is a small oasis of calm in the centre of Rochester close to the Cathedral and

It lies close to the centre of Rochester, just beyond the confines of the medieval city walls, and is a peaceful area of lawns and shrub beds, rich in wildlife, with a beautiful avenue of Plane trees.

The Vines is leased by Medway Council from the Dean and Chapter of the Cathedral and is believed to be a parcel of land given by Bishop Odo of Bayeux, the half-brother of William the Conqueror, to the Bishop of Rochester in 1090.

The Vines was once a vineyard, part of the old Priory of St. Andrew. It has been a public
park since 1880 and as well as a lovely area of peace for visitors it is a haven for local

Historic photo of the Vines lined with trees and featuring mothers or nannies and several babies and young childrenThe path through the Vines gardens in spring
The Vines then and now (slide the arrows to compare)
Noticeboard in The Vines gardens
The Vines Noticeboard

The Friends of the Vines was established in 1995 and our mission is to help maintain the
park for the community. As Friends we organise various events, including an evening bat walk, children’s wildlife picnic, and our famous Cherry Picnic; a great family event with cherries supplied from a local farm.

We also help care for the Vines with bulb planting, litter picks and keeping the shrub beds in order.

If you would like to become a Friend of the Vines, do please visit our website:


Facebook Page: Friends of the Vines, Rochester