Starting a Friends Group

Our local parks and greenspaces are precious to us for so many reasons;

  • Biodiversity
  • Clean air
  • Carbon storage in plants and soil
  • Our own physical and mental health

Our local greenspaces are one of the keys to a healthy life and a healthy community.

If you want to get involved in caring for your local greenspace then the first thing to do is to contact the Medway Greenspaces Forum through this website. We can then direct you to your closest Friends Group. We now have 15 Friends Groups across Medway, however, you may find that the one near you is not what you are looking for or that there is no group for your nearest greenspace.

If that is the case then you could start your own…..

Medway owns most of the public greenspaces in Medway so you will need permission from the Council to start a group. An message via this website will quickly put you in touch with the Council Greenspaces Team.

  • Secondly, talk to your friends and neighbours……

See who else is interested in your neighbourhood

  • Thirdly, organise a get together…..

Once you feel there is enough support for a new group then find a local venue, such as the local pub or community hall, and fix a time and date for a meeting and let everybody know. This can be done by putting flyers through doors and posting the event on your social media. Most importantly, this is where the MUGs Forum and the Greenspaces Team can help, so let us know your plans.

Once you have a group started it will need some organisation and again the MUGs Forum and the Greenspaces Team will give you all the help and support you need.

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