**Latest Government Advice on accessing green spaces safely**

Dear Friends and volunteers,

In line with recent government guidance and many other organisations across the country, Medway Council has taken the decision to request that all group activities or events organised by Friend’s or volunteers are postponed until further notice.

We encourage groups to think about other ways they can continue their activities as long as long as you follow advice given to us by the health professionals.  If not already done so, please do take time to read the MUGs post on ways to stay in touch and involved during this time. Also, on-line communication between friends and local residents at this time could be a great way to build groups and share ideas for the future or springtime photos of your greenspaces while also helping to keep people in touch during this time.

We also hope you will continue to use our greenspaces for exercise and to get fresh air where possible whilst maintaining social distancing.  Meantime here are some great ideas on how Friends Groups can stay effective in a pandemic.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Marion Phillips, Greenspace Partnership Officer or another member of the Greenspace Development Team by telephoning: 01634 331255.