Notes from an Urban Greenspace #15

Passing the wild foxtail grass growing by the side of the old off-road car park on the Esplanade recently, I remembered my grandmother’s game of “grandfather, grandfather, jump out of bed”. She’d pick a foxtail grass, pinch the flowering grass head a few millimetres from the bottom to separate it, then pop it back putting … Continue reading Notes from an Urban Greenspace #15

International Biodiversity Day

Friday 22nd May 2020 is International Biodiversity Day and we'd like to invite you celebrate with us by sharing an image (or many images) of the wildlife in your local urban spaces. If you're able to get out for a walk, take a picture of something enthusiastically growing through a crack in the pavement, clinging … Continue reading International Biodiversity Day

Medway Council update 13 May 2020

The government last night issued new guidance on going outside - from today, people are allowed to spend more time outdoors. They will be able to go to parks and beaches to sunbathe, have a picnic and go fishing Outdoor sports courts can reopen, including tennis and basketball courts as well as golf courses People … Continue reading Medway Council update 13 May 2020