“I’m settling into a routine in lockdown and finding I need my garden fix every day now. The lovely spring weather has been a pleasure and has kept me positive. I’m not one to sit still for long so I’ve found a new project to keep me occupied in my garden… for a long time now I’ve wanted to stop mowing my lawn and have a meadow in my garden. It sounds easy and has the added bonus of not having the chore of dragging the mower out the shed but I’ve also heard that it’s hard to cut the long meadow grass later in the year.  So I’ve taken the plunge but on a very small scale just to explore my options! I’ve got a small 3m x 1m sloping patch of grass that is hard to push my mower over so this seemed the logical place to do my trial. I’d sown some cornflowers last month and have plug planted these into the area along with some primrose, poppy and violet seedlings I found in my garden borders. I’ve ordered ox-eye daisy and scabiosa seeds online so I’m hoping to sow these when they arrive and plug plant them later in the season. Fingers crossed it will work! Stay safe and well and have a happy stay-at-home Easter 🐣.

Danielle, Friends of Broomhill”

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