We normally think of forests as places where there are a lot of trees such as the rainforests of the Amazon or the conifer forests of northern Russia. In fact, a forest is more complex than this. In the past the English forest was a hunting preserve for kings and their wealthy lords. Nowadays, we think of forests a mosaics of habitats such as the New Forest in Hampshire and Dartmoor Forest in Devon.

Over 80% of the people in this country live in towns and cities and in many ways we can think of these as urban forests. Here in Medway our urban forest has a huge range of habitats form our open parks and greenspaces, our country parks and our back gardens.

It is rich in wildlife from small birds and invertebrates to mammals, such as bats and foxes.

We are just as much a part of this “forest” environment as the wildlife and by protecting our urban wildlife we are also caring for our own environment…

  • The air we breath
  • Our wellbeing
  • Our local economy
  • Our greenspaces
  • Our wildlife
  • Our future

A new initiative by Medway Council for the coming autumn will involve planting thousands of new trees and they are now applying to the Urban Tree Challenge Fund for the money we need to pay for this.

As Friends groups and volunteers we can support this bid in two ways…

  • Where should the trees go?

We need to find the best places to plant the trees and you can help by suggesting possible sites. The trees will be planted in blocks and can cover, in sporting terms, an area the size of half a tennis court up to the size of a football pitch.

You can suggest your own greenspace or a favourite site near you, so long as the land is owned by Medway Council

  • Help to plant and care for the trees

Once we have the trees we will need volunteers to help plant and care for them. If you can help please let us know.

The urban forest, our own environment will be improved hugely by this initiative, and your help is vital.

A letter is going out to all Medway Urban Greenspace groups.

For further information please do please contact us.