Friday 22nd May 2020 is International Biodiversity Day and we’d like to invite you celebrate with us by sharing an image (or many images) of the wildlife in your local urban spaces.

If you’re able to get out for a walk, take a picture of something enthusiastically growing through a crack in the pavement, clinging determinedly to a wall, or buzzing stubbornly about. If you can’t get out, take a nature shot in your garden, or share an older image that fits the bill.

Pesticide Action UK, who are working to eliminate the dangers of toxic pesticides, our exposure to them and their presence in the environment, are encouraging us to make a splash on social media channels and highlight the wonderful variety of plants, insects, birds and animals around us.

Remember to tag @PAN_UK and use the hashtag #pesticidefreetowns and they will share their favourites.