In recent weeks Cliffe Road Playpark has seen a few changes. An abundance of birds and insects have been spotted enjoying the wildflowers, trees and bluebells, while white campions and other wildflowers have emerged beneath them. When the park reopened (with the exception of the play equipment) many children and families started to enjoy the new no-mow areas of tall grass and flowers, while others played football in the clear areas near the trees.

If you or your children have used the park for play, games or picnics since the re-opening or maybe you walk past it each day and enjoy how it looks, PLEASE share your feedback via comments below, and what you use it for. Many residents have commented to us that they love the no-mow areas and new wildlife they have spotted, but in order to maintain meeting the needs of both play and wildlife, we need feedback to ensure it stays that way and make further improvements.

Many of our local residents will have helped at our tree and hedge planting days, so please do offer your thoughts in the comments below and give the park the thumbs up.

Have you or your children recently enjoyed using the space?

Do you value the park as it is now with wilder areas?

Do you support the council’s commitment to leave no-mow areas for play and wildflower circles at tree bases?

Have the no-mow areas around the football pitch helped prevent footballs dropping down the banks to the road below?

Do you support the new hedges and tree whips along the top and bottom of the park’s perimeters?

PLEASE share with other local residents to get as many comments as possible. We have already seen how these simple moves have made for a richer and more diverse space, and welcome your feedback to continue its development.


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