Meadows are one of the most valuable assets we have for our wildlife and our climate and National Meadows Day on the 4th July 2020 is an opportunity for us to celebrate what we have and find ways to create more.

About 97% of the UK’s wildflower meadows have disappeared over the last 100 years. Here in Medway we are doing our small bit to redress this loss. Over the past few months you will have seen a number of our road verges and parts of our greenspaces have been left uncut. This is part of Medway Council’s initiative to create meadows for wildflowers, pollinators, butterflies and the wealth of other species that live in this wonderful habitat.

National Meadows Day is an annual celebration of wildflower meadows across the UK which usually takes place on or around the first Saturday of July each year so let’s use this opportunity to showcase our favourite local meadows, flower-rich grasslands and greenspaces by posting videos and photos on social media using the hashtag:


Don’t forget to tag us in your posts too:
Facebook: Medway Urban Greenspaces Forum
Instagram: mugsforum
Twitter: @ForumMedway

You can also email us your photos as we’d like to gather these together in a #MarvellousMedwayMeadows gallery on this website.

…. and please feel free to involve your friends and neighbours as well.

In anticipation of a great display of pictures – Happy National Meadows Day!

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