• Volunteer groups are allowed to recommence activities in greenspaces in a maximum group size of six people, including the task leader.
  • Two groups of six will only be allowed if working in separate, very distinct parts of the greenspace.  Each group will need its own task leader.  (One first aider for both groups will be allowed).
  • Volunteers attending activities will be required to pre-book with the task leader to ensure group numbers are adhered to and contact details can be recorded.
  • If undertaking a regular activity, those within a group should remain consistent as far as possible (i.e. Volunteering bubbles)
  • Any volunteers in the Government’s ‘vulnerable’ category must be advised not to attend until the guidelines change.
  • Volunteer First Aiders are to follow Medway Council’s guidelines (attached).  Masks and gloves will be provided for first aid kits.
  • Tasks should avoid busier times in the greenspace and task leaders will need to make dynamic risk assessments on arrival to assess if the task location will need to be amended to account for other park users, ensuring social distancing.
  • All volunteers should be asked to bring their own gloves if possible.  Task leader to have disposable gloves in case needed.
  • Task leaders to ask all volunteers to use hand sanitiser (this will be provided to groups).
  • All volunteers must be asked to confirm they do not have COVID-19 symptoms upon booking and at the pre-task talk. A sign in sheet including contact details must be kept by task leader (task leader to complete, it will not require the signature of each attendee).  All volunteers must notify the task leader if they get COVID symptoms within 14 days of taking part in the task so that others can be notified.
  • Any equipment needs to be wiped down by the task leader with disinfectant before and after the task.

Do please contact Marion Phillips, Greenspace Partnership Officer, with any questions about the above procedures and to arrange collection of mask/gloves for the first aid kit and hand sanitizer.

Please also see the following links to:

Finally, please note that events are still not permitted on greenspaces.

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