It is always exciting to see a group of people come together to look after their local greenspace and this summer has been particularly exciting!

Two new Friends Groups have been set up one for Rainham Recreation and one for Millennium Green in Luton.  Rainham Rec. is just opposite the station and is used by the community for sport and dog walking, there is a lovely children’s’ play area and some beautiful trees. The new group have lots of ideas for improving the landscaping, running some great events and keeping their space clean and tidy for the whole community. Just recently they ran a photograph competition and the result have been posted on the wall of the changing rooms!

Luton Millennium Green is more informal and natural. It was created as its name suggests at the turn of the Millennium. The new group aims to make improvements to the play area, plant more trees and run events of the community. Last week we ran a community litter pick there with great results!

This year has been a good one for new groups: FoRCE (Friends of Rochester Churchfields and the Esplanade) were launched in January, Friends of Horsted Valley reformed as a new group and The Friends of Eastgate House in Rochester High Street have taken on the care of the gardens there.

Despite the COVID crisis and all the restraints that we have had to endure it is fantastic to see how we can still come together and care for our precious greenspaces.

If you are interested in joining a group check out the MUGs Map to see which ones are nearest to where you live. Or if you live close to a greenspace that needs caring for then why not think about starting a new group. You can contact the MUGs Forum to find out how to do this.

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