1. Donations – This Spring we are looking to add more plants, bushes and bulbs to our park to bring new wildlife to our wonderful urban space this coming Summer and Autumn. To donate towards the new plantings please get in touch by email at: treasurer@vinallpark.org and we will send you details.    

2. Our new bench has been installed – a great success.

3. Some of our new bulbs are sprouting – snowdrops and crocus on Cecil Avenue

4. Lock down of course means no Events on the park – roll on Easter 2021!

5. We have recently had motorbikes and quad-bikes on the park – this is really dangerous and everyone and their dogs are in danger. The park is so wet it is also ruining the grass and newly planted bulbs. Please do not confront these people, but do the right things and immediately call the Police and/or Medway Council on  01634-306000, or to log a message via the councils web site go to the ‘Report a problem’ page. 

6. We managed to get the Toilet and equipment (that was placed illegally on the park) moved off in reasonably short order. As you know we are here to protect and preserve our park for future generations, and that is what we are doing.

7. The next Members meeting – ZOOM – is on Wednesday 17 March. For more information please contact info@vinallpark.org.