As we follow the guidance on the roadmap out of lockdown we need to bear in mind the real value of our Greenspaces.

Throughout the COVID crisis our greenspaces have not just been places for exercise but also somewhere to find some peace of mind.  They have made it possible for our children to have a run a round and for us to wave at friends and neighbours from a distance.

As the lockdown eases we must ensure we protect and care for these precious places. There are some simple things we can do such as;

  •  Not leaving litter – take it home and recycle it!
  • If we can walk to our local park then don’t take the car – this is healthier for us and the environment!
  • Remember to keep 2m apart from people who are not in our household bubble
  • On wet and muddy days stick to the places where there are hard surfaced paths.
  • …….. above all respect other greenspace users

We should also give a huge thanks to the staff at Norse for the work they have done to keep our greenspaces clean and tidy. Especially over the last few days when there have been so many more people out and about.

Please remember – TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME!