Bluebell’s month is here!

England’s favourite flower starts to bloom and indicates the presence of an ancient wood. There is so much to see at this time of year and our May I-Spy gives you just a “snapshot” of Medway’s wonderful wildlife!

Our birds are now well into the breeding season and will be very busy for the rest of the Spring and Summer raising young.

You can find out a lot more about our birds from the RSPB website.

Coast, marshes and lakes

It is well worth visiting the Country Park at Riverside or the lake at Capstone to watch the antics of the birds but you should also be able to see a wealth of butterflies and even the occasional dragonfly or damsel fly.

Hills and woodland

Our woods are now full of colour and there are plenty of insects for the birds to feed on.

The stories of our woodland are many and varied. Many of the big fallen trees that you come across came down in the 1987 storm.

Gardens and greenspaces

As we come out of lockdown we can start once more to enjoy meeting with friends, picnics and BBQs. We have learned how valuable our gardens and greenspaces are to the whole community, an opportunity to see some wildlife and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine

Remember to take your litter home!!

Click on an image below to open a full size slide show:

If you are able to visit the coastline as part of your local exercise, please check out the Bird Wise North Kent website for more information on our coastal birds.

Don’t forget to let us know what you see and help us record the biodiversity of Medway!

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