The Friends of Rochester Churchfields and Esplanade are holding an activity day, comprising of both a litter pick and starting the process of creating a Sensory Garden in the three raised beds on the Esplanade park opposite the castle.

The Suffrage Sensory Garden has been planned for some time now and will pay tribute to Medway’s very own non-militant suffragette Vera Conway Gordon, who lived directly opposite the park and dedicated her life to supporting women’s rights.

Help will be needed throughout the day to help clear out the unwanted scrub and shrubbery areas, remove the debris and dig in the manure and compost before planting begins a couple of weeks later. Volunteers will need to come along prepared and those with their own trowels, forks and spades will be most welcomed!

Under new COVID rules updated in April, groups of more than 6 are permissible if they are providing voluntary or charitable services and observe social distancing, but pre-registration is required. The day has been split into two sessions and places can be booked for one or both sessions. Every volunteer will have the chance to choose whether they prefer to do gardening or litter picking.

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Tickets are limited, so if your plans should change, do please cancel so the place(s) can be offered to someone else.

If you would like more information, please email: