for a 7pm start at Gun Wharf, Room 1

All welcome and voting for the new committee for the year will take place.

The current committee is;

  • Chair – Simon Curry
  • Vice Chair – John Jones
  • Treasurer – Margaret Agate
  • Committee Member – David Park
  • Committee Member – Robert Heathfield
  • Committee member (Membership support) – Stuart Bourne

The members of the current committee are all happy to stand for another year but if anyone is interested in being a member then please let us know.

There are two outstanding positions – secretary and we would welcome someone to support the treasurer’s role.

The voting for the committee is by simple majority and laid out in the constitution:

“Voting results at all meetings will be by a simple majority.   Each Committee Member and group represented at the Forum shall have one vote subject to declaration of any pecuniary interest which will exclude a member from voting.  In the event of a tied vote the result will be determined by the Chair using a second casting vote.”

Copies of last year’s minutes and the constitution are available on request.

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