(updated Nov 2020)

It seems as though we are hearing bad news about our climate almost on a daily basis. Despite all the good will in the world the ice caps are literally melting much faster than we thought, the rain forest is continuing to be destroyed and the global temperatures are rising.

We feel helpless if we look at things from this global perspective. So why not change this perspective.

In April 2019 Medway Council declared a Climate Change Emergency.  Their webpage is now up and running and you can click here to view (link opens in new tab).

The Council are inviting Medway community groups or partnerships with a long term aim to tackle the climate emergency to contact them and let them know of if you have their own climate emergency plans.  The old mantra of Think Globally and Act Locally still applies.

What are we as individuals doing, what are our friends and family doing, what is our local community doing?

Well thanks to the hard work of a number of local people and the Greenspaces Friends Groups there is a lot we can get involved with….

  • Towards Plastic Free Medway – Thelma and her team have now visited over 10 sites around Medway and found loads of supporters signing up to their campaign … Read More
  • There are now over 14 Friends groups across our greenspaces with another one pending! You can join up and help keep our open spaces safe … Read More
  • The Council has declared a climate change emergency and there is plenty of advice and guidance available on its web site …. Read More
  • As well as our Friends Groups there are over 20 groups linked to the Forum ranging from Country Park volunteers to our local churches Eco-Groups …. Read More
  • There is a campaign running to stop the use of herbicides across Medway and you can sign the petition on the Council web site …. Read more

If you don’t have the time to get involved with a local group or are currently isolating because of the COVID crisis there is still a lot you can do from home by writing to your local Councillor or MP about the issue that concern you the most.

Finally, one of the Forum members is a Campaign Group which meets every so often on line and it discusses everything from cleaning up the river Medway and air pollution to sustainable development and plastics.  So do please contact us for more information.

If we all “Act locally” then we will bring about change on a “Global” scale.