Let’s collaborate!  Whilst we are all staying at home, we can share notes and stories about our own greenspace – no matter how large or small.

You can click here to send us your contribution (with a photo if possible) or leave a reply at the bottom of this page.

Friends of Broomhill going solo!

“We took delivery of 200 trees last week, planning to plant them in the Old Orchard, but alas this is not going to happen any time soon, so 3 of our volunteers have taken them home and will nurture them until they can be moved into the Old Orchard.  A mix of English Oak, Common Alder, Common Hornbeam, Silver Birch, Sessile Oak, Wild Cherry and Goat Willow. Also, a couple of bundles ‘unlabelled’ so they will be a surprise! It needs quite a bit of imagination to realise that if we can keep them alive, the Oak could be 40m high in many years from now and the Wild Cherry will be smothered in blossom.

How we came to have 200 small whips is one of the great benefits of networking. A call from the chair of Medway Urban Greenspaces Committee who had been contacted by MHS Homes saying they had 500 mixed species of whips up for grabs. So long story short, we got a call and got 200 whips last Thursday. We already had the pots and two bags of tree and shrub compost from previous planting sessions over the years so they got used as well. Super efficiency! Fingers crossed we can raise them all and then plant them next winter.

We shared some trees with Goddington Road  Park too, they needed to finish a hedgerow and were happy to take some to complete their project.”

Footnote: The rest of the 500 trees so generously donated to the Medway Urban Greenspaces Forum by MHS Homes went to Riverside Country Park and the Kent Wildlife Trust.

Broomhill 2

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