The good news is that outdoor activities and exercise, a proven mood-booster, should be safe if you maintain social distancing. We have been advised that we can get out for exercise once a day ….. well lets get going!

Staying in is not good for our health so as long as we keep to the social distancing rules then getting out into the fresh air and sunshine is very important.

Remember that ….

  • Walking is free and requires no special equipment
  • Mile for mile walking burns up just as much energy as running – it just takes a bit longer

As well as our physical health, walking also helps with our mental health There is so much of our urban wildlife to see as we walk and at the moment the roads are fairly quiet and you can hear the birds song!

Don’t forget to maintain a safe distance from others – at least 2m (6ft 5in) and you can only go out once a day.