Spring is in full flow in my garden, the bulbs I planted last October have popped up and given me a much needed colourful display in my borders. I have appreciated my garden much more in the last couple of weeks then ever before! I have noticed so much more too and feel connected to nature now I have more time to sit and observe it.

I live very close to Broomhill Park so I have been taking regular walks there enjoying the blossom that is appearing day by day. I have decided to use this time to make a record of the trees in the Old Orchard woodland area at Broomhill. Our friends group are restoring this area and we were due to get a tree survey done this Spring, which had to be postponed, so armed with my camera I am photographing the blossom, leaves and bark and making a visual log. Hopefully by the end of this summer I will have built up a good record and be able to share this with tree experts in the hope that they can identify the species! I have to admit i am finding this a very enjoyable exercise and look forward to my short but valuable walks through the Old Orchard.

Keep safe and well all and please share what’s keeping you motivated during this time!

Danielle, Friends of Broomhill

Blossom in the Old Orchard at Broomhill Park

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