Thelma Viv and Liz made a great start to the 50 visits in 50 weeks, at Fenn Bell Zoo St Mary Hoo on Saturday evening, August 22nd, where a charity event was held on behalf of bees, lemurs, vultures and much more.  (photo shows Volunteers from Kent Owl Academy with their owls at the Fenn Bell zoo Charity Event)

TPFM sold masks, water bottles and shampoo bars, gave out leaflets, people signed petitions, and we made some great new friends who want us to visit their organisation too.

Fenn Bell Zoo is a conservation project, and the event was deservedly well attended.

Their next stop is the Eco Market at St. Matthews, Drewery Drive, in Rainham, on Saturday September 5th from 10.00am till 4.00pm, where you can meet Thelma and TPFM’s new member Marianne.

Don’t forget to look out for businesses that want to be champions and groups that want to be allies!

Click here or more information about the Great 50/50 and how to get involved.