The outcome of the Earth Day Survey by the Medway Urban Greenspaces Forum has highlighted some real issues that we as a community need to address.

On the big issues there was extreme concern for:

  • Global warming (67%)
  • Destruction of the rainforests (82%)
  • Plastics in the oceans (89%)

At the local level there is extreme concern around:

  • Air pollution (65%)
  • Loss of species (76%)
  • Littering in our parks and greenspaces (72%)

On the question asking if Medway Council is doing enough to protect the environment 68% of respondents replied ‘No’, but 53% of respondents also felt they were not doing enough on a personal level either.

There was general agreement that getting involved really can make a difference, but we do need to work together as a community to bring about effective change.

The good news is that everyone who responded to the survey said they recycle in some way.

However, this good news is countered by the fact that we need to do more on transport, especially electric vehicles, and on how we source our energy.

Thank you to everyone who responded to our Earth Day survey!