As spring moves into summer we all tend to focus on keeping our lawns looking pristine and attacking those pesky ‘weeds’. Yet those plants are incredibly important to our local wildlife, and can look absolutely stunning as well.

First the determined dandelion. Not just useful for telling the time, the mighty dandelion can support a vast number of pollinating species of insects throughout the spring and summer. It is also one of the few plants that is 100% edible from its flower to its roots.

​Then there’s the delicate daisy. Not only do children love to make daisy chains with them, their beautiful white flowers can form constellations of colour in your lawn. They too are a nectar source to bees and beetles, vital during the periods when other plants are not flowering.

​Finally the brightly coloured buttercup. It is another childhood favourite, and perfect for telling each other’s taste for butter! The flowers are also a favourite of short tongued bees, as its open flower is one of the few places they can feed upon.

​So maybe this summer put away the weed-killer or cut your lawns a little higher, and enjoy the beautiful display that lawn flowers provide.

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