It’s amazing what can be found in urban gardens!

Following on from our recent piece about #LawnFlowers, we were delighted to learn that a critically endangered Man Orchid (Orchis anthropophorum) has been found growing in a Chatham front garden by local resident Angelika Djacenko.

Angelika, who studied for a masters degree in biology with a specialism in orchids, spotted the plant when she was putting the bins out and recognised that it was a Man Orchid, a European species which, when in bloom, produces a dense pack of yellow-green flowers resembling human figures dangling from its stem.

Click here to read the full story in the Medway Messenger.

Young child lying on grass looking at a man orchid plant
Angelika’s daughter Alisa with the orchid | Photo credit: Angelika Djacenko

Header image “Man Orchid (Aceras anthropophorum) Ohnsp” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Werner Witte